View Full Version : Shutter Skew ???

04-19-2013, 03:46 PM
In the 11.5 addendum Workflow Enhancements section there's an example for Rolling Shutter. The setting options are mentioned and seem pretty obvious, but under the photo captions it states ... Shutter Skew.

Under the Camera Properties for those cams that can use Motion Blur, I can NOT find a control for Shutter Skew.

Rolling Shutter - mimics the shearing distortion of a rolling shutter. Each horizontal line in the
frame is progressively shifted forward in time, up to a maximum of a single frame’s worth on the
bottom or top line. The positive or negative value of Shutter Skew determines whether the top or
bottom get sheared forwards in time. At 100%, the bottom of the frame will show the positions of
everything as they appear on the next frame. At -100%, the top of the frame shows the positions
from the next frame.

Why are they using two different terms for what appears to be the same thing?

(It's really a plot of some sort to drive those of us already easily confused over the edge, isn't it?)