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04-17-2013, 07:00 PM
I was finally able to pull the trigger and upgrade to LW 11.5 last week. There's a lot of new things that everyones been talking about of course, but I'd like to pick some brains about Genoma first.

I'm confused as to what can be edited in Modeler with Genoma parts in terms of cut & paste, adding or subtracting, etc.

In the Lightwave_11-5_addendum,

• Orange connectors should never be detached or removed.
• Connectors added by the user are generally colored Magenta.

I'm also a bit foggy on what exactly are Atomic Element (SubRigs) as SubRigs can be connected and disconnected and copied and pasted to be reconnected to any Connector present in the scene; moreover, new Connectors can be added to the scene and welded with any other Connector—the combinations are virtually endless. Any item can be edited in Polygon Mode or Point Mode, using all the available editing tools in Modeler—from the classic Translate/Rotate/Size tool to the Magnet and DragPoint tool.

So, what really can & can't be done to what? Seems like there must be pruning technique where an orange controller and corresponding part can be removed with a rewelding step to what remains.

As a working example, I was hoping to adapt of of the the Genoma Insect preset for a crab character I keep coming back to.
Isolating one of the legs from the spider rig, I countseven flexible spots. In my crab, there are only three.

113688 113687

So, can I use this insect preset and easily remove some segments? Or, should I start with the insect rig but just everything up to the leg connects then try adding the simpler 3 part leg?