View Full Version : Couple of minor LW to AE, AE to LW feature requests

04-10-2013, 08:45 AM
Hello all. Posting here first as someone may have found work arounds.

Couple of issues I've been having, mainly AE to LW.

AE objects are not exported in World Position. If I have an object parented to something else, the relative position to the parent goes through. Not useful as I have to unparent in AE send through, reparent.... it's a pain!

Any expressions added to motion in AE have to be baked or they won't go through.

LW to AE

Only nulls will go through to AE. Can we have it so just selecting and object will create a null in AE and apply the objects motion to that? Again, bit of a pain having to create nulls in LW, parent them to objects and then send through!

Liking the functionality generally, a few (minor?) tweaks will make it even better for the next point update!?