View Full Version : Lighthouse Rendering (Maya-MentalRay)

04-10-2013, 03:50 AM
Hey, maybe this isn't strictly the right place to post this since it's not really made in Lightwave. I had an oppurtunity to take all that I've learned using Lightwave so far and see what I could produce with my skillset in Maya. This was a project done in school where the purpose was to create these two images of a Lighthouse. I had to clean up and tweak the geometri, set up the camera, shaders, textures and most importantly light the damn thing in two different lighting scenarios (Night and Day). I focused mainly on the composition and Lighting, then when it came to texturing I had an oppurtunity to prove to my teacher and co-students how effective procedural textures can be. Even though the procedural textures available in Maya are fairly limited and dull compared to the vast arsenal inside LW, I managed with just two different procedurals to create this. Turned out pretty nice in the end.