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04-08-2013, 08:53 AM
Hi All,

Finally got BNR to work after many years and a bunch of attempts and version upgrades, This time around I HAD to get it working, spent money on 4 quad core pc's and bnr itself... so I spent the last 4 days working on it and learnt so much, things I had no idea about, so I thought I'd share my findings maybe it might help someone with the same issues.

Never had a problem installing BNR and networking it, nodes were always communicating, a mapped drive Z was created on all pc's files could be accessed from both sides with full permission.

With my previous attempts to use bnr it resulted in all kinds of render errors, no textures and objects missing, nodes locking crashing lwsn.exe error message...just had no idea what was going on, must have re installed bnr a hundred times, reconfigured my network a bunch, even did a fresh Win install :(

The reason I could never get it to work was because of the way my scenes were created and added to bnr...COMPLETE USER ERROR!

Here's how it works...Thanks to Paul for bringing this to my attention.

This may be obvious to some, but I had no idea.

When creating objects or scenes to be used over the render farm via bnr, it essential to do everything via the mapped drive eg Z.

1: Map the folder/drive that all your content resides in...in my case lw is installed on C and my content is on D lightwave\Objects , images etc. you end up with eg: Z lightwave.... sub folders are not an issue
eg:Lightwave\content\objects\vehicles\cars\car.lwo You dont ahve to shove everything in the root folder eg: lightwave\content\objects\car.lwo

2: Set lightwaves "content directory" via Z to your content, scan your plugins, updating the config files

3: When creating objects...load any textures via the z drive!!
4: Save all objects via Z.

5: When creating a scene....load all the objects and any textures via Z.
6: Save via Z, save any MDD's via Z as well.

7: Launch bnr do the wizard and set your directories via your network connection (not via the mapped drive) it has to have the \\ before your folders
8: Finally when loading a scene into bnr..you guesed it, do it via Z (dont need to load it via the network drive)
9: hit start and ALL assets should be rendered, no bnr errors (those damb red icons!)

I think you get the picture, do everything via Z. My error was, I would create all my stuff via my D drive and loading it into bnr via D...DONT DO THAT!

MDD's and bnr as my title states was my next challenge, just when I thought I had it sorted no MDD's would be recognized by bnr...started pulling my hair out.

Searched the net for a couple of days with no luck, no youtube videos or forum threads dealing with this, finally decided to go to the bnr website faq and on the second page, theres a question about MD2000.p not loading (the nodes not seeing it or something) thats the fricken plugin that makes the mdd's work.

The solution was to go to the lightwave install folder and right at the bottom is a file called vc2008_sp1_redist_AMD64.exe copy that to your nodes and install it on them respectively.

Now the nodes should see that plugin and work, even multiple mdds worked spot on.

with old objects, re-texture them by using the "image editor" and "replace" the images with the same images via z and save it out via z.

That should be it, hope it helps.


If you need a video showing any or all of these steps let me know...I dont mind cos I want it for my own future reference.

05-02-2013, 03:50 PM
Good info! Thank you for sharing ... I've saved your info to a text file for future reference. :)