View Full Version : General UI thing that happens too much in LW: space allocated for name strings

04-05-2013, 02:58 PM
Look at this screenie:

Unfortunately, this is all too common within LW: space allocated for indeterminate length strings are often very inadequate for their common usage. The Modeler dropdown is a case in point: you have to be very parsimonious with your naming to see the full name.

I don't really want nor expect the devs to address this for LW 11.5.n -- I just want them and Matt to be very aware of this tendency for future versions. It's very aggravating to HAVE to expand stuff all the damn time to see what one is dealing with.

I suggest more flexible strategies be evolved to deal with this: for one thing, LW and LWM scarcely use the WINDOW TITLE BAR at all. Many many applications put document info up there, including the "You've Changed This" symbol ( * , usually) -- this is common. We should use it too.

Also, popup floaters over name fields could show the entire name when it's longer than the design area, via hovering. I think AE uses this.

A consistent minimum name length should be adopted and adhered to, to ease designer issues and rationalize the visual UI.

So, to sum up:

use the title bar area better (or at all);
allow popups for name fields
just allocate more space in the first place

04-11-2013, 06:48 PM
yes, I fully agree.

Plus, I think later on when the fundamental UI architecture is modified a bit, tooltips/popups will be possible and then in these situations where text is too long for the field we see the field truncated with an elipsis added (like this: "My really long scene na...") and then hovering over that shows the tooltip with the full name (like it does in Windows Explorer or Finder).

iOS tends to use dynamic font-sizing for that sort of thing. But you are right, it would be much nicer if this is integrated on a whole UI way, and devs are on the look out for situations like this when making UIs.

Also, tabs should end up having those arrows at the beginning and end of the tab set so that if there are more tabs than space, you can scroll through them like in most apps that use tabs. (I only mention this here because it is a text based space thing too).