View Full Version : 11.5 tool enhancements: small, tweaky enhancements/ REPEAT functions/ Axis Rotate

04-03-2013, 04:22 PM
Thank Buddha for the "Axis-whatev" tools, they are great and REALLY fill in a workflow gap.

But everything can be improved, and here's one tiny thing that would enhance AXIS-ROTATE, and I think the other "Axis-__" tools:

By far the slowest part of using them is setting up the axis. PLUS, since they repaint the UI, some texture details are not visible when you are using them.

I'm rotating something into place where the texture is quite important, so the repainting really makes it difficult. If I could easily REPEAT a rotation, I could set a small amount and 'sneak up' just by hitting a button repeatedly.

SO, what'd I'd like, to avoid the lengthy axis-setting part of using the tools, is to have a REPEAT ROTATION button that would use the same settings, most importantly the same axis settings, and make it simple to increment a rotation. (I imagine the same would be useful in Axis-Translate and Axis-Scale.)

(But, y'know, generically, a REPEAT LAST ACTION for basic stuff in the Modify Tab would be handy. It's just here, AFAICT the Numerica Panel does not retain the axis settings, the slowest part of the process.)