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11-07-2003, 11:15 AM
hi...if u could choose and afford...what would u rather have? a powerbook G4 or one of those notebooks? and if u choose notebook, what would your minimum requirements be? thanx

11-07-2003, 12:17 PM
Depends on the individual. Hardcore Mac owners wouldn't be caught dead with a PC. More agnostic computer users will go with the notebook that provides the best options they need. People who are all about appearance will get a PowerBook 'cuz it looks cool. People who hate Macs (or just don't use them) will get a Windows notebook.

If you are looking at a notebook, list the things you will be doing on it. Look at the software to determine if it pre-disposes you to one platform or another. If it doesn't, and money isn't an option, the 17" Powerbook G4 is pretty cool, but I've heard great things about performance on some of the Windows notebooks as well (Dell Inspirions, Alienware laptops, there's a whole thread about this in the general discussion group).

Max out the RAM, get the biggest HD you can put in there, and get a DVD burner for high-capacity backup.

11-07-2003, 03:29 PM
I have been going back and forth on this exact question.I've looked at Dell, Alienware, Boxx, etc...

I started my graphics career on a Mac g3 350 and have since moved to a 1 gHz Powerbook.

At my "real" job I'm using some sort of dual proc. Wintel box...

Now a few observations:

The PC can be faster in terms of rendering times whether in RAM preview, Final render, or various Processor intensive functions.

The Mac is faster in general usage of the computer via the beautifully smooth OS. Also, OSX never crashes except for the Vid Card bug in the Powerbook when using Lightwave.

The conclusion I've come to however is that while the PC can somtimes render faster, it fatally crashes at very inopportune times and the requirement to download tons of drivers is totally inconvenient.

I would never suggest any windows OS because it is like a layered cake with the largest layer on top (XP) and the smallest on the bottom (Win 3.0?).

While it looks interesting and probably has a lot of tasty icing on it, it tends to be very unstable.

Personally, I am waiting for the next Gen of G5's to come out and then I will make a new purchase as my lowly Powerbook does a great job with dual monitor support, decent render times, and a silky smooth OS.

The price may be higher, but the integration is seamless, the speed is starting to smoke and the freebies are great.(i apps)

Also, here's hoping that LW8 will be optimized for the G5 and Panther!!!:D

11-07-2003, 06:55 PM
Speed depends on how much the application has been optimized for the processor.

Most rendering apps are performing better on the G5 than the Pentium. I think with Lightwave the Pentium Xeon is still a bit faster than the G5.

However, Lightwave has, over the years, received lots of optimization for the Pentium. It has received none for the G5, as the G5 is so new.

I get the impression from previous Newtek posts that the optimization process will happen more in later revisions of LW8. I guess we'll see when it's released.

I've got a G5 and I'm very happy with it!