View Full Version : Editing LiveText - full screen mode/zoom??

04-01-2013, 01:38 PM
Hello, we just started using the Live Text 2 on an external computer to be integrated with our Tricaster 850 next week for a big event we are shooting. It has been GREAT being able to update our scores from a very basic Visual Basic program I put together writing text files. (We've been doing it the long way through the Tricaster) THAT's AWESOME! A+++ for that!

The question, or issue, I have is that editing any graphics in the LiveText 2 environment is hard because while we are broadcasting/recording at 1080, I am left editing in a window half that size. I am on a 19" widescreen laptop.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to edit the LiveText overlays that I'm creating in full screen mode?? OR at the very least have a zoom feature? It is terribly small for being an HD tool. I've even tried adding a 32" external screen as a 2nd screen, but I can't move the LiveText program over to it. I have had to send my main display over to the external - I can't duplicate because of differing screen resolutions. It only makes it marginally better because I'm still only seeing basically 1/2 resolution graphics.

So, I've decided to create/edit my scoreboards, lower thirds in Illustrator, BUT when I import it, I have to look real close to the screen to see the smaller numbers that need to be put in, much less position them correctly.

If there is no way for full screen editing/zoom feature, it's a shame because, for the most part, the graphics controls and effects that come with the styles are pretty cool and usable.

Any help would be much appreciated!