View Full Version : Request for moving old membership workshops to LW community categories!

04-01-2013, 06:37 AM
If it wouldn´t be any issue regarding old membership etc...why not move the threads under Lightwave membership, to Lightwave community?
so many workshops like dynamics, shaders, etc.. and info that would be of valuable use for everyone in the lw community is located there, I think those threads will be forgotten and of no use for us if not really.

If the threads do not conflict with any membership issue, so why not?.

I hate to scroll down and find them beneath non Lightwave and 3d related topics, ergo I forget about them and rarerly check them.
Ivé been mentioning this before but with no luck of getting it moved.

The forums seems to have been fixed on the slowness and time out, that´s great..it misses thumbnails in the gallery section though.