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03-26-2013, 08:58 PM
I understand the basics of FiberFX. Years ago, when I needed to make a field of grass or a marsh (before getting spoiled by Vue) I used Sasquash. But I do all my modeling in LW, most of it mechanical in nature.

Now I need to do a cat.

So, I have my cat, and I have lightwave 11.5. I try to give it fur. It worked fine...once. But I couldn't replicate it when I tried to get more detailed. It just turns black.

Thus, I back up, I make a ball and cover the top of it like you would a head. Works great. I bring in my cat right next to it, apply the SAME EXACT settings...Black. I'm talking about half the cat set like half the ball, no settings. And then the top half of my cat set like the top half of the ball/head. I get hair on the top half of the head (as before) and can see the feet of my cat...but the top half is black. Same scene.

I started from scratch again just to see my happy (if not accurate) fuzzy cat...but I can't even do that anymore. Very basic settings.

I've tried to find FiberFX for 11.5 tutorials to help me, but all the tutorials are for earlier versions.

So, I can render a basic object just fine with hair. And I know my models CAN work with hair, because I've seen it (wish I saved that version). But I can't seem to replicate it.

Any my GL preview looks fine. I'm looking at a cat and a ball with hair, and I can adjust the settings and they update just fine. Until I render.

Any suggestions. I can't help but feel I'm missing something very basic, since I don't do a lot of 'fur' in my work. Somewhere I toggled something correctly?

I have spent a day trying to get my cat furry again. I'm still at it.

I can put fur on anything now. A cube. No problem. Looks fine. I can edit the heck out of it, no problem. I can open my ORIGINAL cat model...fail, even though this kitty was looking perfect in one render this morning. Now all the 'fur' material parts come in black. I can even see the shadows of the fur on the parts that aren't marked as the fur material.


03-26-2013, 09:39 PM
screen shots, files some thing to look at....

03-26-2013, 11:54 PM
Yeah, a model or something to work on might give us a hint :)

03-27-2013, 07:31 AM
can you work on a simple model as that works?
Save out the fiberfx as a preset, clear scene start from scratch and load your cat object, apply the saved fiberfx preset and se what you got.