View Full Version : NewTek App for iPad (TCXD Audio Controll) - Workflow

03-26-2013, 05:01 AM
Hallo Community,
we have the Tricaster 450 Extreme and a iPad with the NewTek Audio Controll App. The Tricaster goes online with a Ethernet cable to a switch. At the same switch, we have a TP-Link Access Point for going online with the iPad. (The Access Point has a static IP and the Tricaster has DHCP) Both of them are in the same network and the App works well.

But the problem is when we are on a job and should use the app, how we go online with the Access Point? Sometimes the client give us two Static IP adress, so we can use this IP's for the Tricaster and the AP. But how we go online, when the client just has DHCP? After we give DHCP for the AP, how we go to the admin interface to the AP?
That's a very complicated workflow!

What's your workflow with this App and different network requirements?


03-26-2013, 05:57 AM
Use a router to interface to your venue's provided Internet. Program the router with the venue supplied static IP address then allow your router to send out dynamic addresses to your other devices. Personally we lock down all out IP addresses to statics on our private network side. I have found it just makes things easier all around.

Another option is to use a managed switch but that does involve quite a bit more geek skills.

Personally I would recommend you buy and carry with you a Cradlepoint 1400 router in your production rig. It has Built in wifi and also can use 3G/LTE wireless cards as backup Internet connectivity.