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03-24-2013, 12:45 AM
Hi, I am currently researching methods of how to create a feild of animated dust for an animation project in both LightWave and Maya, and I'm wondering of the practical mrthods in LightWave to create realistic behaviors of a feild filled with dust like in real world, I have used a particle emmitter with hypervoxels and also used nulls with hypervoxels, both with volume filter mode, and the HyperTexture set to turbilance the result is convensing but am I missing something because the look is convinsing but how to animate these particles in a convinsing way, am I applying the right solution for this problem.

I need your input in this case, any help would be appreciated, :)) thanks

03-24-2013, 06:19 PM
Since you are also using Maya for this you might want to consider using Maya's fluid system to animate particles in a more realistic way. On the other hand, you could probably spend as much if not more time trying to get the fluid simulation to look the way you want as you would manually animating wind objects around to get the look you like in LW. Don't forget that you can also throw textures on the power of wind objects in LW, so you can vary the look that way too.

03-24-2013, 08:04 PM
the question would be what type of dust simulation, you mention fields and dust and realistic, but in what context? foot dust, debri dust, just wind swirling dust or what?

Fluids in both maya and turbulence can give nice smokey dust, but I suppose some people like to push particles with the fluid system and use particle advection for that, thus the fluid simulation
pushes standard particles which then can be rendered with tiny tiny voxels or sprites, commonly used like with fumefx fluids and then using krakatoa for volumetric rendering.
This gives a more distinct grain particle dust render visual than the smooth fluid from fluids.

As dwburman mentioned, you might want to do that within maya, or invest in turbulenceFD..but I am not sure jascha who develops turbulenceFD has implemented that particle advection function fully yet.

using a single null or a couple of points with voxels and move/scale them is the simplest but, less realistic effect...you can also throw in a particle field together with dynamic winds, however
the motion will not be as realistic as with fluids.

when using winds like turbulence and vortex wind modes, it is a little difficult to tweak the settings for pushing the particles nicely, you can try with directional winds too since you
can use the velocity channels and click on the T buttons and add procedural textures that drives the velocity motion in much more varianced ways.

You can also skip wind and do the same with particles velocity, use the T- buttons and add procedurals to drive motion from there, you can get som nice effects there, but not sure
that would fit for your scene context exactly.
when using these methods, I would skip hypervoxels texture, but use only hypervoxels sprites, with very very small scale mm size.
And use a lot of them, I got 3 millions in this video, you can get a lot more than that 6-8 millions I think and maybe above, but it will halt your system to let the particles cook as we say and to settle, rendering is quite fast though.
See video..