View Full Version : Inverse of "Add Point", Remove Point TOOL / better workflow / NOUN then VERB+

03-19-2013, 02:46 PM
When I'm doing clean up, I often use the standard "NOUN then VERB" workflow paradigm, wherein you chose WHICH entity ("noun") then WHAT you're going to do to it ("verb").

That's a clear, simple workflow, but sometimes highly inefficient (suck it, Steve Jobs). SOME tasks lend themselves to a "VERB then NOUN": you chose WHAT you're gonna do (verb), then apply it to that which you're going to do it to (noun).

For instance, the ADD POINTS TOOL in LWM is VERB ('add points') then NOUN (the polys you click).

In cleanup, I'd like an immediate acting tool that will kill points, the inverse of ADD POINTS, "KILL POINTS" or more generally, "IMMEDIATE DELETE". This would eliminate the "select>>delete" drudgery. I think this would be an improvement on the current workflow.

Programmatically, this would be identical to selecting an entity and Deleting it.

(Please tell me we already have this....)