View Full Version : Yin Yang inter layer manipulator - (embeded coordinate joiner, sizer, orienter)

03-18-2013, 05:27 PM
Little hard to describe - but hang in:

Object in layer #10 is complex but has exact requirements for pairing with object in layer #23.

The YinYang thing is a 3D thingy half of which you put in layer 10, say for example, and the other half in, say, layer 23.

Lightwave knows it is a tool and not the structure (or it can be allowed to become part of the structure but able to be invisible in renders). It is given a pair name. Yin/Yang "Jones"

Each half of Yin/Yang Jones is sized and positioned relative to its layer's content. An assemble command (assemble Jones) causes one of them (choose or default to Yang) to translate, scale and rotate everything in that layer so that the two units of Yin/Yang and the contents of the two layers fit together while retaining their layer data position (10 & 23 in this example).


Imagine an aray of parts that can alternately fit a common base part (which might have different orientation and scale for that).

So in non biologic terms , mmmmmm, ahhh ... seats for a car. Steering wheels for a steering column. Ears for a head (oops biologic), mmmm Speaker cones for speaker consoles. Props for propellers. Knee cap prosthesis for a knee (doh). Cut spindle legs for a custom table top. Gee the top can have Yin/Yang Jones1..4 and thus quickly fit 4 legs... like that.

In chemistry, this is called self assembly and is the stuff of new advanced micro and nano methods which some of you will surely will be asked to illustrate. Would be nice to actually have that capability.

I know this is easy to do because I have done it myself for my own single purpose CAD routines which I have used for over twenty years. Internally just a base 4 points (0,x,y,z, name, unit) where unit determines the dominant (stays still) unit for assembly). Rather than a vector a matrix (02,x2,y2,z2, name, unit) allows the base to go unchanged as the base vector copy (other dim of matrix) gets to fly around during manipulations, but the unit (layer) can always be brought home to base and initial conditions.