View Full Version : Inconsistancy, design flaw, or charming idiosyncracy to be exploited? Selection

03-16-2013, 02:38 PM
I noticed that:

If you Hide a chunk of polys that bridge two sections, then make a selection on one 'island', using SELECT CONNECTED will Select everything, even though there is a visual break between them.

However, if you use EXPAND CONNECTED, the Selection will be limited to the island the selection started on. IOW, it will stop at the visual break.

To me, this seems inconsistent: IMO operations should occur only on what is currently visible/unhidden. Again, (to me), Select Connected should only work on those polys visually connected, IOW Hide could be used to limit Select Connected.

Low priority, but is it inconsistent? How do other apps behave?

EDIT: dang, shoulda made it a poll.