View Full Version : Lightwave 9.6 and WIndows 8 theme problem

03-14-2013, 03:39 AM
OK, I just got a new laptop and installed LW9.6 32bit version. Everything works but I had a problem...

I tested LW when I first installed it... everything was good. After installing other programs and fiddling with personalising windows desktop and etc... I started up LW and my workspaces/windows was greyed out. At first I thought it was an Open GL problem and after searching my *** off for the solution nothing much changed.

Eventually, I discovered that with a Windows Aero theme (one with transparency) everything was great but when I changed to a more customisable High Contrast theme, the windows would be greyed out again. This really sucks!

So, does anyone know how I can keep my high contrast theme but still be able to use LW without the stupid greying out issue?

Any info would be great (except "Sorry, buddy, you're screwed!").

Appreciation for anything that can help.

Revanto :D