View Full Version : Combing Genoma Layers

03-13-2013, 06:43 PM
I rigged an arm and hand with Genoma following the tutorial done by Mr. Grandi, and it worked well. He mentions in the tutorial that other layers of a model must be rigged separately, and then combined in Layout using "Load items from scene". I have an arm with a fur cuff. The fur is created with a layer of guides and fiberfx. I created a second identical rig in a different scene for the fur cuff guides. I loaded the items from scene, with both the arm mesh and it's bones, and the fur guides. I was hoping to end up with one rig controlling both layers (or at least something that works well). Is there a best way to achieve this. I've had mixed results, and trial and error is taking a lot of time, because it's prone to crash Layout if you do things a bit out of order it seems.

I had a feeling the "load items from scene" technique was intended to combine rigs controlling discreet parts of a model, rather than overlapping parts like I am attempting. I've got a few ideas I'm thinking about trying, but I would appreciate some of you more knowledgeable guys pointing me in the right direction if you have any ideas. Attached is a frame of the arm with the fur cuff so you know what I am talking about.