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Is someone here using a Computer Grid as renderfarm?

In this concept, you will only install a free linux basic version in the Client Machines and a very small software that will lie to the web and put the math result inside the Server Machine like if it has more processing power on it.

So, no need to install 3D softwares on the processing machines, just the Server will have all the softwares needed.

How is the process with Screammernet?

Any experience here?

Any commercial application for this already in commercial use?

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So, no need to install 3D softwares on the processing machines, just the Server will have all the softwares needed.

How is the process with Screammernet?

How is the process with Screammernet?
I don't know exactly what is going on, but I use Matt's setup, so you have a copy of LW & plugins on every computer.

If you only have LW on the server then I would assume every time you fire up the network nodes to render not only does the scene have to loaded onto every node but LW & plugins as well. Also if you have a lot of nodes even with Gigabit ethernet it takes quite awhile for everything to load. & if you have say 2 nodes per computer the loading time doubles as everything is sent twice to every computer!

So as an example, if you have 25 computers & really want to make sure every last bit of CPU resources are being used (& you have enough ram), one will have 4 nodes per computer. So the scene & everything else gets sent out 100 times. In other words even with Gigabit ethernet it's going to take a long time for the network to start actually rendering.

So I feel it's best to have LW (or other software) on each computer so one only has the scene to load.

But I could be wrong......!?!?

03-13-2013, 07:27 AM
Thanks John

I'm trying to find Matt's vídeo and PDF to learn a little more, but every link is a broken link.

I just found Carm3d explanation on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDCHhdwX3Eo and I'd like to know if this process is the same of Matt.

Silvio Toledo

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Richie Allen

Carm 3D

Still missing Matt's tutorials and updated info...

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I dedicated some time a couple years ago to make a render farm, First I tried to set it up with Screamernet by hand. Took me a while to get it to work, And when I did it would be a bit flaky with some machines and a bit of a hassle really. So I tried to find a better solution with more automatic management options. I tried Butterfly Net Render then the BackBurner script, and then tried Amleto. In my experience Amleto was by far the simplest, feature rich and most robust solution. Faster render times than Backburner too (I'm guessing it cache's files or something in the client machine more effectively, I can't remember =) I haven't used it in some time, latest blog announces that the code has been made open source. It's worth a try to see if it works on WINE.


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Attached is Matt's Screamernet PDF tutorial. This should be in the LW manual! Even if you use other software, Matt's tutorial provides a lot of insight into running LW in an orderly fashion. Everyone should read it whether they run SN or not, & if you run SN print off a copy & scribble notes on it!

Attached: Matt's PDF tutorial. (If you are not yet using SN, you will one day, its worth reading!)