View Full Version : Animated mesh with bones as collision object for bullet

03-11-2013, 09:01 PM
OK, as the title says, I have a character running, and I want him to run through a wall. For some reason, I can not get this working. I tried baking the character to an MDD, I tried it with the bones, I set the retention to 100% with shape lock to translation and rotation. Linear and angular stiffness was set to 0 as well as Volume conservation set to 0.
The manual touches on this slightly and I followed it to a T. No luck.

BTW, I tried knocking down the wall with a simple collision object and it worked, so I know that is good.

Any ideas? Worse case I'll be bolting collision object to the bones. Though I may have reason for it to be more precise later.

Thanks for yor input in advance.