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03-04-2003, 03:06 AM
Im very new to this program ive just been mucking around for a couple of months or so teaching myself. But im in highschool and have decided to use this program to animate an animal. But i cant seem to output the file in AVI mode ive tried other ways. But i need AVI. THe problem is it doesnt show up on my harddrive ie. not save. I must be doing something wrong but i cant figure it out. Quick help would be appriciated for this project is due next week. Im not sure weather i need to change the codec but i really need to display it in windows media player for presentation. I thank you in advance

03-04-2003, 03:14 AM
To save you some potential heartache, if at all possible you should consider rendering out to still images. If LW crashes whilst outputting to an animation format, you'll have to start again from the first frame - with stills you just have to start from the frame when LW crashed. It also makes re-touching, etc. easier to some extent.

You can then load these stills back into LW (after your render has finished) as an image sequence, apply them to the background and then output to an animation.

In most cases, you need to append .avi to the filename you give it and I assume that you have picked a sensible codec for output as well. The options button within the animation output section is what you are looking for there. Also check to be sure the tick box for animation output is enabled and AVI is chosen in the drop down list.

Failing that, check disk space and access rights to whereever you are trying to save it.

03-04-2003, 03:30 AM
I thank you for your response
Im not to sure what you mean when you say this

You can then load these stills back into LW (after your render has finished) as an image sequence, apply them to the background and then output to an animation.

Im am new to all this technical stuff. And im definately not experienced with rendering plus im use to modeler. My computers pretty fast so i think ive already rendered but the problem still exsists. Im trying to save the file through render options! is that where your talking about but i dont find any animation box, so it makes me think i could be in the complete wrong section. I have done a project like this before and it work. But this one doesnt seem to want to show any signs of saveing at all. A detailed way would be helpful but i understand that pplz are busy. Ne further help would be appriciated. Is that a patch i can download which might fix this problem. Thanks

03-04-2003, 08:33 AM
It's just become clear to me that you haven't specified your version of LW you are using, but the approach is similar in all versions.

The render options dialog is the correct place. Check the start and end frame values and then (for 7.5) you should see down the bottom an 'output files' tab. Click on that and you should find a save animation tick box and a number of other options related to file output. Ignore all the animation related ones and look further down the dialog to find the Save RGB area.

You should, for safety, render to still images and the save RGB options will allow you to do this. Click on the type drop down menu to pick your output format. Something uncompressed is generally a good idea so pick up a bitmap format - TGA or BMP work well. Now click on the RGB file button and a file dialog will open. You only need to add the prefix to the file - LW will append the frame numbers to this prefix as well as the .bmp (or whatever) suffix. Try not to choose a prefix with numbers in it to prevent confusion later - frm is suitably generic and unlikely to cause problems when used within a dedicated folder for your output.

If all goes well, when you use F10 to render the animation, you should see each frame being saved as a separate image in your output folder. This makes it possible to review your output and decide on whether it's suitable quite early on.

When you're happy and the render has completed, you can clear the scene from layout and load the frame sequence back in using image editor. Apply it as a background image in LW (the compositing tab) and then use the save animation options (or indeed another package if you prefer) to render out your final animation. LW even includes useful image adjustment settings in the image editor so you can adjust your output if you lack any other program to do it for you. Last time I rendered an animation, it was still necessary to append .avi (or for quicktime, .mov) to the filename you enter in the file requester. Failing to do this with older versions of LW prevented the animation being saved - I am not clear whether this behaviour has been corrected (although one would hope so).