View Full Version : After Effects Sure Target export into LW solution.

03-05-2013, 03:49 AM
Someone on this forum said they couldn't use After Effects Sure Target plugin in conjunction with Lightwave. They were using 11.5's in built AE export function. Well there is a way to take a sure target motion and target nulls into LW. You will need to use this plugin called AE3D Export (http://www.motion-graphics-exchange.com/after-effects/AE3D-Export-Maya-Max-and-Lightwave/4bff8b4034916).

This is a script for AE, once loaded you execute it via File/ Scripts/ AE3D export .

A box comes up with options for 3D max Maya or Lightwave, it will ask you to browse a location to export the LW scene it will create, but that doesn't work on my computer and I found that they are just getting exported to the desktop.

Anyway it will ask you to select the layers you want to export. Obviously that will be your camera and target layers (which will be turned into nulls in LW.

Before you do this there is an option within Sure Target that will allow you to bake the camera, once it does that a new camera is created with the baked frames and the suretarget camera becomes inactive. So you will be choosing the baked camera to export.

I've yet to test LW 11.5's native AE exporter, but who ever it was that posted said that they couldn't get it to export a sure target set up. I wonder, did they bake the camera (I'm using Sure Target 2). I'm sure the native exporter could do it if it's just exporting a baked camera solution, so you might not even need this plugin (which is free).