View Full Version : Flocking bugs?

02-28-2013, 10:11 AM
Don't know if it's just me or Flocking doesn't do what it should.
- created a Generator and a Path Director, the path is scaled down in the middle so the Agents get near together. Problem is, after passing the tight spot the Agents don't spread back. Rotating the Path Director along the path axis has also no effect.

- created a Basic Setup, moved the Goal away a few meters and put a Plane Director inbetween (Add New... -> Director - Goal -> Director Type to Plane). I've rotated the plane's Pitch by 90 and calculated. The Plane Director has zero effect. I've scaled it but nada.

- the Intersect output of RayCast(Flocking) node has a y vector value of 100 as default so the Agents shoot 100 meters up if connected. Don't think this is intended.