View Full Version : Looking for Tutor NYC

02-28-2013, 09:09 AM
I am an artist/animator who has been working with LW for many years. I have devised ways to use the program well for my purposes so far, but my knowledge is very limited: for example, the Node Editor is like a mountain in the distance, and bones and skelegons, UV maps and procedurals are a vague blur.

What I need is a smart, patient, knowledgeadble guide to work with me in my studio in Brooklyn (11249). Ideally, you would help me toward the realization of a new animation project, which involves water effects (far beyond my abiilties at the moment). I don't need help animating-- what I need is help setting up the situation so that my animation variables are ready to hand.

I am of course offering payment for this, but I am an independent artist-- whose animation has earned museum shows but not money-- and I obviously cannot pay according to studio rates. For my part, though, I realize that the job I want done requires expertise and ability, and am glad to fairly compensate the right person.

If you are interested, or have questions, please contact me through my website, or here.