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11-06-2003, 06:06 AM
Sorry if this has been raised before - i've looked through the posts on this forum but i may have missed it.

I am having a LOT of crashes in modeller, to the point where it is almost unusable.
well, i say crashes - what i mean is freezes really. Sometimes I get the spinning beach ball for a while - if i go outside for a cigarette and boil the kettle to make a coffee then come back, sometimes it has freed itself

The worst though is the freeze that locks up my entire machine. On a good day the freeze will allow me to move the mouse around but not let me activate anything on the desktop, let alone anything in modeller. On a bad day - i.e. most situations - everything freezes, not just modeller, but my entire system. I can't even do a force quit because the system doesn't respond to keystrokes!
The only way to get out of these freezes is to turn the power off, which can't be doing my poor mac any good, especially when i have to do it about 10 times a day if i'm lucky.

What am i doing to cause this? The most common ones are rotating an object in perspective view with alt and drag or the viewport buttons, selecting a polygon, or accidentally moving my mouse over the dock. This is not even with high polygon models...it happened a couple of times last week when i was making a cube in a new blank document - 6 polys!

I have tried turning off/unplugging the network and closing mail, and i've tried turning off magnification on the dock and resized it so i don't touch it. None of this worked.

Here's my details:

OSX 10.2.8
Memory 1.25Gb (factory installed)
Dual 1.25GHz G4
PCI - AGP card ATY, Phoenix Parent Model RV250 64Mb video memory
Wacom tablet
Cinema Display
Couple of external firewire drives (unplugged but problem persists)

When i upgraded the system to 10.2.8 the documentation said that it cured the "nasty modeller bug"...guess what?

Any pointers?

p.s. i also sometimes get the unexpected quit on closing layout, but generally layout is very stable. The modeller thing really bugs me though...i'm wading through a lot of modeller intensive 3d jobs at the moment and my workflow has gone down the toilet! Everything is taking twice as long as i've budgeted for!

11-06-2003, 10:06 AM
Sounds like you need to apply the ATi hotfix. Look through this forum for a topic on the ATi Hotfix.

11-06-2003, 10:32 AM
thanks mlinde - i did a google search and found out that the ATY Phoenix RV250 card is the same thing as the Radeon 9000 (which i didn't realise as there didn't seem to be any markings on the card itself!)

if only i knew about this fix last month i could've saved myself a LOT of heartache!!