View Full Version : Anyone doing trials on Adobe Edge Animate?

02-27-2013, 08:06 PM
From the fast and dirty trials I have done, it's not a great animation tool, but I do like a lot of the approach to animation in some aspects.
I really like the animation presets where you basically can have a function interpolation between two keyframes. No TCB or Bezier meddling, just a click on a function. This has it's very limitations, but image you could have some function control inputs then save another preset. I think this is quite interesting and quite a time saver.
In the above example I just focused to apply to each axis a function. Since gravity is quadratic I used Quad on Y and Sine on X to simulate inertia. Then Bounce on Y when the ball comes down.
The only worry I had to have there was to give each span the enough time.

Sure there are a lack of a whole lot of controls, but this seems a quite good way to spare keyframes and I don't see why couldn't we see this in a software like LW. (Sure there are other priorities in animation right now).
But take Bounce for example, I would need to set a lot of keyframes to animate it coming up and down and then ease each curve. Here I just click a button. Sure it would be nice for example to choose how much the bounce lasts, so you can control the how heavy or not the object is etc. But all in all it seems to keep on focused more on timing and feel, than tweaking a lot the graphs to get them and swap them.

Anyway, someone else meddling with it? Feedback?


02-28-2013, 12:13 AM
Seams to me to be a watered down version of flash. Even though its using JavaScript instead of action script. I played with it a bit, but as you said it is very limiting. I certainly like the idea behind it though. To me it seams like Adobe is going overboard with competing apps. Makes a bit difficult to choose one and stick with it.
I am glad to see Adobe backing open source though, in time I believe the open source apps will be quite powerful with so many working on it including Adobe.