View Full Version : Tooltips in Modeler & Layout for truncated text in any list, popup or button

02-26-2013, 03:25 AM
If a button or list (like the Vertex Map or Layers Panel or the dropdown pickers, or Layer selector etc) are not wide enough to display the entire text, then a mouse over hover should display a tooltip (after a moment) with the FULL text if the text inside the control gets truncated and you hover over the truncated control. This is how Windows Explorer and Finder and everything else works.

A lot of times you may have several iterations of an object which have appended text to their names (giving them long names where the first half of the name is identical) and often times this is too long for many controls making it hard in the interface to see which is which.

I realize there is a chance that major UI work is needed to provide application-wide tooltips or hover displays. But this is surely needed in the interface and is about time any UI changes necessary to accomodate this happen sooner rather than later. These little touches do speed up workflow.


02-28-2013, 01:04 AM
These little touches do speed up workflow.
I'd go a step further and say that without this, there are cases where differentiating long-named entities can be next to impossible. Tooltips would be the logical choice, but even if it had to be implemented in some other overlay-esque manner, it is highly needed.