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03-04-2003, 02:43 AM
I've found the disadvantage of seperate objects while rigging a character, by extreme movement of the bones parented objects don't displace all too well so I can see the advantage of placing all my objects in one file before rigging.

But, I what some really nice eyes in my figure that I can rotate freely about they're centre, these are squashed in shape and not round! I suppose placing bones in the eyes would be the best way where each eye had its own weight map but what about their rotation! (eyes like dinner plates just don't rotate properly). This character has big eyes and lets not forget the eyelids!!!

Any help would be very much appreciated. I've tried a lot of different setups but maybe I forgot the easiest.

thanks in advance


Max Wolf
03-04-2003, 08:09 AM
check out the totorial pat on this website. i should help

03-04-2003, 09:44 AM
I went through this once before myself. After days of expenimenting, my solution was to model your eyeballs as spheres with eyelids in a separate layer and set them up with bones and weight maps as you would normally then bring the lids into the same layer as the eyeballs.
Then in Layout use the Deform (item proporties) tools to stretch shear twist or bend these objects. This way you can animate the form of the eyeballs and the eyelids will always follow the form of the eyeball, no matter how far you destort them. You can get some really cool effects.