View Full Version : Newtek - What changes are in LScript from 11.03 to 11.5 ?

02-24-2013, 10:44 PM
Hopefully someone from Newtek or preferably someone on the Newtek the dev team can answer this please.

In testing LScript, I'm finding that several scripts that work differently in different versions of LW 11. Possibly related to drawing or control object agents?

For example, I have a script that works perfectly in LW Modeler 11.03 (32 & 64bit) when the code is in a main() (as it should be for Modeler), but then that exact same code when you change main() for generic() and run it in Layout 11.03 works once, but then crashes on subsequent runs - but only in Layout 11.03.

When I run these exact scripts in 11.5 both the Layout & Modeler scripts work perfectly. While I'm very glad you fixed some bugs in the 11.5 release, can you please provide a developers' guide or list of changes/fixes to LScript between 11.03 & 11.5? I'd like to be sure to know what's going on and why my scripts are behaving in this fashion. It is important so we can know what versions of LW things work in. A Changelog or some kind of bug fix list would be fantastic please. Hopefully this post doesn't go unanswered by NewTek.

Also, I've found other LScript bugs in 11.5 and would like to know how to provide test scripts for you to confirm them and have them on your list for the next round of fixes. Thanks!! :)