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02-22-2013, 08:42 PM
I've been at this for a few weeks now on the ZBrush Central forum. I'm unable to get ZBrush to recognize 11.5. I've tried all the suggestions including a clean re-install of Zbrush 4R5. LW 11.03 and ZB 4R3-4 used to recognize each other, but no longer.


Thanks for any suggestions :)

02-23-2013, 05:04 AM
I would try this...

Delete this 2 folders:


from this folder:


I think this should solve the problem.

02-23-2013, 06:36 AM
I have been having stability issues with R5 especially when using panel_loops generally ZB is solid R4 was wicked stable but for some reason the new version is a bit flaky

02-23-2013, 11:13 AM
Well, well ... guess what? I discovered there are no Lightwave folders in my "Pixologic" folder. There are some in the older "Pixologic4R4" folder. So, I copied and pasted them into the newer "Pixologic" folder. I rebooted ZBrush 4R5 and then updated all paths. It picked up both Modeler and Layout, finally, and installed the necessary files. It seems to be working. But I'll put it through it's paces after a get back from some weekend traveling. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Lino. :)

02-23-2013, 02:53 PM
You're welcome! ;)

06-02-2013, 08:51 AM
I had to reinstall Win 8 because of a Permission nightmare that cropped up. I could no longer access my C drive. Programs would no longer install. So, after doing a clean install of Win 8, I had to reinstall LW 11.5 and ZBrush 4R5. Interestingly enough there were no "LightWaveLayout" and "LightWaveModeler" in C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps. And I didn't have 4R4 that I could copy the folders from like I did previously. So following the advice of GoatDude, I created a box object and hit the GoZ button (ZB was closed). ZB opened and the box showed up as a Subtool. I looked in " C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps" and the appropriate LW folders had been created.

01-11-2014, 10:26 PM
Hi all,

Been loving the new Lightwave 11.6. Decided to take GoZ for a run. I have ZBrush 4R6. Things were working great until I followed the Zbrush instructions to "point" the GoZ program at Lightwave. I see the folders referenced by Lino. Should I delete them in this version? Or did they never install to begin with. The folders have 3 .exe apps in them. I can't tell if that means they are installed or not. Whatever the case may be......it was working fine without them and I guess I shouldn't have followed the instructions that were in the ZBrush dialogue box. Now I can GoZ my object to ZBrush....but I can't GoZ it back.

Any help is really really appreciated!!!!

Thanks ahead of time.