View Full Version : What are the mayor BOTTLENECKS for the individual CG animator?

02-22-2013, 09:15 AM

One of the most frustrating things I have seen with indie animators is the feeling that certain part of the process (modeling, rigging, lighting, animating, etc) become quick sands of time.

We all know at least one animator (maybe it is you) that has been working for years on a 3 minute short and for some weird reason has nothing to show.

And why do we accept this reality?

Tell us what areas of the animation process are times intensive, and what could be done to make the process more efficient.
Maybe it is time to rethink the whole process.

Looking forward to your comments.


02-22-2013, 09:00 PM
I love that there are so many REALLY talented 3d artists out there and that so many of them are so giving of their time and talents to help others.
But I find it is usually lost on me.
Maybe it's short attention span theatre on my part. Or maybe I'm just missing that tech gene that allows all of this to make sense to me.
I have my little story I would like to tell.
As producer/writer/director I would love to tell my staff what I'd like to see and have it appear.

Then there is the real world.

When I was a kid there were Colorform sets. Little stupid pieces of thin plastic with characters or props printed on them. And as a kid you could let imagination run wild and create.
I would love it if I could open the box and have:

Some pre rigged characters
A way to move them
Some pre set lighting rigs
Some suggeted render settings

A low res version of Poser/Daz type characters and I could dress 'em up as I like
A rig that works with same characters but would maybe work with something like Daz's Ani-blocks
Some "insert here" lighting rigs that I don't need to go to film school to understand (interior day - rainy night - cartoon evil lab)
And an idea on some render settings that won't take 38 hours per frame to render, but if I change on setting on the 3rd panel of the 4th drop down tab it will go to 45 seconds per frame.

Okay, why not just do Poser or Daz?
Because it will take forever.

Obviously I'm rich. I was able to afford LW - so why not just get Motionbuilder also? And a Mocap studio...

But I'm not rich - I'm not a pro - but I would still like to tell my little story.

How about a Dummies Guide?

Yes, I know it's called the user manual. But I doubt I would still understand much about anything buried away in the render tab after reading it. If it has been updated for the current version.

Again, nothing but love for LW. Any thoughts of my attempting things in Maya reminds me it is time to take my meds.
I'm not looking for the "make kool movie" button (but one would be really sweet) just a few more directional signs.

I wish I could begin to say that I'll start to master modeling. And then next week I'll take on cameras and lighting. Hey if Geoffrey Unsworth can do why not...

But I'm not.

And I doubt that I'm the only one. I'm sure that there are several others who would make a leap of faith dollar (LW is much more attractive than those other guys) wise if they thought they could do something fun out of the box.

A few more pick apart scenes to learn from - or presets to build up from sure would help.

But that's just me :)