View Full Version : EXR_Trader, AE, and AE's ProEXR plugin EXtractoR - shadow buffer?

02-18-2013, 07:58 PM
111707 ---I rendered out an animation using EXR_Trader and specifically output the Shadow buffer.

When I loaded the rendered EXR image into AE, I used the EXtractor plugin (from ProEXR), which comes w/AE, to isolate the buffers.

While the other buffers I exported with EXR_Trader mostly had R,G, or B extensions for the various components, the shadow buffer had only ".Y", which is luminance.

For this project I guess I can work with that, but I wondered: is it even reasonable to want "Shadow.R", "Shadow.G", "Shadow.B"? Is it expected that this buffer will only be a grayscale and be used to darken regions of the bitmap (it is, after all, the shadow). It's very possible there is no RGB info in that buffer ever.

Anyway, just wondering. :chicken:

I just noticed that the in my comp, the Shadow Buffer includes many things that are not literally shadows. I guess I was kind of expecting that only Shadows would be included in that buffer.