View Full Version : LW 11.5 crashes when pushing 'o' Options key

02-17-2013, 09:51 AM
This problem is seen in Modeler.

I have spent the past hour trying to solve a problem with losing the UV map when loading an object that was exported by Terragen 2. I followed the procedure described in:


Excerpt: "In LW 11, type the letter o to bring up the options panel. In the OBJ tab at the top, uncheck OBJ One layer and OBJ One VMap, you can also uncheck OBJ Reverse Ka & Kd. The default settings are set up to automatically work with ZBrush which only accepts one layer and one vmap."

I unchecked the two boxes and loaded the object (actually in LWO format) and the UV map was now there. Terrific! I wanted to repeat the sequence for another object and when I went to press the 'o' key, LW Modeler 11.5 crashed! A crash dump reporter popped up and I tried to send the dump file but I am having trouble with my Internet connection. The crash dump utility was unable to "connect to SMTP Server". I am sending it to this website instead. Hopefully someone at NT will do a followup on this crash report.

Also, how can I clear this condition so that I can use the option key without crashing Modeler 11.5?

This forum will not accept a dump file so I have also emailed this report with dump file attached to [email protected]

Update: The crash only happens when Modeler is empty.

02-17-2013, 02:55 PM
I'm thinking you options for the OBJ format should have been carried through to you bnext project without having to press 'o' again. Since the crash, it may not have saved your options.

Send your bug reports to one of the locations here, if you are not able to send a crash dump.