View Full Version : Camera tracking: MATHEMATICALLY matching the AE solid rotation?

02-16-2013, 10:26 AM
When you do a 3D camera track in AE, one of the options is to generate a solid that matches tracking points in AE.

IIRC, the solid has a rotation applied to it.

Would it be possible to:

apply mathematical transformations to a LW Master Null (aka 'Super Parent') such that
the LW NULL (not the Master Null) resulting from importing an AE solid is rotated around so as
to be either parallel to or perpendicular to the LW ground plane?

IOW, given the AE rotation of a solid, what's the math for rotating the MASTER NULL, parent of the "Solid Null", so the Solid Null lines up with the LW ground plane?

And "line up" could mean parallel or perpendicular (on a choice of axes) to the LW ground plane.