View Full Version : Tricaster 8000 - some minor requests & corrections

02-16-2013, 05:42 AM

Today we had the first event with our new Tricaster 8000.
Amazing machine, no doubt! :-)

Here are some thoughts for small improvements:

As all input and label button can be renamed now - it would be nice to have as well a reset button in the naming menu - in order to get back the original name
Clicking one time on one of the small preview input windows on the top left corner should send this input to preview and a second click to program (as it was in previous Tricasters - missing it!)
If my old LiveControl device LC-11 is not broken, it does not work with the 8000. Of course the 8000CS control is unbeatable, but - very big as well. Therefore it would be very handy (mostly when using the Tricaster abroad) to have this small control device still operable
As there is still only one lonley network input in the machine, I needed to install a small USB network Adapter (as I like to seperate internet and local network connections). No Problem, but now the warning window comes up every start and close down, that there is a 3rd party software which *might* make the Tricaster unstable. It would be nice to have a check-field in this window to declare any listened software as "approved", in order that experienced users can get rid of this window

And following some other minor things to be looked at:

When renaming the label from DDR or GFX the tab label of the players are not renamed as well, as it would be logic
when moving a file from one DDR or GFX into the other a small "+" Icon is shown - so user expects a copying, while in fact the file is moved
In the Virtual Set Editor 2 the last project is not showing in the "recent" section

Thanks for listening!

Best regards,