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02-15-2013, 07:30 PM
i make youtube videos and i decided i wanted a animation at the start of all of my videos. i could either green screen the 3d animation to overlap at the beginning of each of the videos that i make or render the animation on the first few frames of each video. when i render the first few frames of my video in lightwave using the composite feature playing the .avi video in the background then take it into my video editor to splice with the resto f the video i notice the rendered video output by lightwave is darker even though i used uncompressed file format. i cant seem to get the lightwave rendered frames to match the rest of the video even adjusting lighting in the video editor. i then did the green screen method but its not as good because it limits the lighting effects etc that i wanted to use.

heres an example of what im trying to do at the start of each video. the lighting effect i may just add lens flare in the video editor or something but still im forced to green screen and any other lighting effects cant be used.

also i noticed once the uncompressed avi files i render out in lightwave get around 4gb the file wont open and seems to corrupt. should i just be rendering out the frames instead of avi?

02-15-2013, 07:45 PM
Some (most?) Apps can't deal with avi's greater than 2GB.

You might try adjusting the color space settings for either the output out of Lightwave or the input file (in the image editor) try switching to sRGB or rec704 (?) If it's set to linear.

You could possibly render the lighting and/or reflections as a separate pass and put that on top of your footage in your editor if you can set the transfer/compositing mode of the clip... depends on your editing software.

02-15-2013, 08:27 PM
ugh thanks i have been avoiding the 100 image file formats i could output my video render to to try and composite into sony vegas. all i know is green screen but im sure theres something to this 32 bit alpha channel thing thats probably better than green screening and could keep my lighting effects? i need tutorials on this lol i have no idea about these formats and composting.


heres what im currently trying to do and carry over to put on top of all my videos in sony vegas lol its so childish... i dont even need to add this stuff i just wanna make my **** stand out a little more

02-15-2013, 10:08 PM

k i figured out a solution just make the model unseen by camera and render out the lights then add to scene lol now i can do whatever i want im happy now yayyyyyyy