View Full Version : Migrating a 9.6 world to a 11.5 one. Editing Menus/Plugins

02-15-2013, 11:08 AM
I have been using the upgrade as an opportunity to cleanup my menus, plugins and ancillary files
(Things like references, tutorial videos, etc...) As always when I'm in this process I think of things that would make it
a little less taxing. Then once I get some distance from it, I let it slide. Until the next time my index finger
is numb and stiff. :)

Menu Editor:
I extensively customize my menus and have a large number of plugins.
I find that there is a tedium to customizing the menus which might benefit
from some refinements. Respectfully I offer the following ideas.

Search facility that is more robust: at least more like the scene editor search?
Find duplicates would be nice.
Have the Find function work in a circular fashion: right now, if I click something on the menu side,
do find, locate the origin on left, I have to click on the origin file then click on the find button, etc.

Have the ability to repeatedly click find and rotate through the selections. Better, find all instances at once :)

Have a way to click on the "origin" filter and have it open in the edit plugins folder.
Don't collapse menu headings when "finding", it is dis-orienting.
Color highlight the thing your on. I am sure there are others.

Plugin Editor:
Show date created, versions and offer "open in explorer functionality"

If others have thoughts or know of answers to this?

And finally be able to color code the menu buttons individually, to anything that makes sense
in my workflow and have more delineation on the menus (divider bars, colored background by sections, etc)


P.S. Loving the new wave, just dreaming now. But utility is so valuable to the creative process.

02-15-2013, 11:52 AM
Some really nice ideas in there! +1