View Full Version : Lightwave on youtube and learning videos.

02-13-2013, 05:17 AM
Well I just want to say thanks for all the new stuff being uploaded, however..I had my prenumeration settings wrong and I didn´t get notified more than weekly, so I just want to advice you guys watching the Lightwave group on youtube to check your prenumeration settings and make sure you set it to receive mail directly once a new upload is made from the Lightwave group, that is if you want to be notified directly.

Some more new vids from matt about workflow and some others about flocking.

Thanks you guys for making the videos, and good to have a thumbnail in there ..at least on youtube, my suggestion would be to work on getting thumbs on the actual videos on the learning page over at...

Ivé been mentioning that those general thumbs there doesn´t do anything good, replace them with thumbs given a better representation of actual videos, some of it is already done at youtube, It just needs work to fix the older stuff too...believe me, it will look much better and attract more people to look on them.