View Full Version : Image instances not working?

03-04-2003, 12:03 AM
I'm using LW7.5 (PC) and I'm trying to work on a plugin for a project of mine. I duplicate an imported animation (image type of "animation") but I'm having trouble getting things to work.

The manual states that creating a cloned instance lets you apply independent settings on the editing/processing tabs. That's what I want -- I want to apply a plugin to another copy of the animation, but I don't want to load that animation more than once in my scene (since it's pretty large).

However, the cloned instance isn't working right. According to the manual, the duration of the instance is linked to the original. So, I presume, the cloned instance should also play at the same speed as the original. So, when the original is at frame #10, the clone should also contain frame #10.

However, in my experience, the instance doesn't advance at all. It stays at the first frame of the animation and won't increment.

This is really driving me nuts! I don't want to load a duplicate of my animation as it's pretty large. Any ideas on what's causing this?