View Full Version : Hortus Celestia Agriculture Tower

02-02-2013, 09:22 AM
For the last few months we've been designing an Expo horticulture tower. It's a building that shows vertical agriculture technologies in production as well as be a center of international tourism for the industry. Its design aims to show that vertical agriculture can be efficient, beautiful, realistic and affordable, as well as be an unusual eye catcher to mark the area.

The tower uses new technologies throughout, which are not necessarily high-tech, and is a comparably affordable building. It offers expo units to a wide variety of companies, and offers a complete expo tour for visitors. It's placed in an expo park win which a variety of green houses showcase innovation from a wide selection of organizations.

The budget for this project was small, and we spent most of our time discussing and engineering the potential designs, so the visualizations were really done as a bonus, therefore rather quick and dirty (there are some small errors, we're aware). The design was made with pen on paper in a variety of sessions with clients and consultants, structurally engineered and cost calculated, and then directly input in LightWave 11.5. The tower took about 2 days of work. The park and all the surrounding landscape and vegetation about 10 hours. About 1 hour PS per image after.

The scene relies on LW's improved native instancing system. It also uses DPont's great Sunsky plugin for sun, sky, skylight, and atmospheric scattering.

We hope you like!