View Full Version : Instancing: refreshing the instancing generator object?? -asked & answered

02-01-2013, 09:21 PM
Regardez le jpeg. 110957

Is there a way to REFRESH the Instance generator object? In the attached image I had generated a ground plane, added an instancer to it, and THEN sliced it up in Modeler.

At a guess, it seems that the instancing was still based on the original geometry, before the slicing.

Simply toggling the generator didn't work, nor did adding another generator. The TYPE was set to SURFACE/ALL, but it shows a definite preference for areas of denser geometry-- ??doesn't 'SURFACE' just work equally across the surface? (I think that's my problem: I don't understand what 'Surface' is actually doing.)

GOT IT: "Surface" only works with tris and quads: n-gons get zero instances. Wallagh!