View Full Version : Edit Edges Improvements

01-31-2013, 10:53 PM
Just downloaded 11.5 and love it so far. Great job NT.

I haven't played with many of the new tools yet but already have a request for future iterations of the 'Edit Edges' command. Currently when you add an edge loop to a mesh by right clicking, it always adds the loops to the exact center of the adjacent edges. In the future can it add it where the users clicks instead? Also, when sliding edges, only sliding left or right works and sometimes sliding left moves edge right (or up or down) depending on the orientation of the mesh. In the future can the edge move the direction that the mouse is moving relative to what you are seeing on screen? So, if you are sliding a vertical edge then moving the mouse left, moves the edge left, right, moves it right, and up and down do nothing but if you are sliding a horizontal mesh, the opposite happens.

Again, great work. 11.5 is the most exciting release since I started using LW back in the 5.0 days.