View Full Version : 3DConnexion and 11.5

01-31-2013, 10:51 PM
I noticed the expanded Nav dialog in Layout, bravo!!!

And congrats to the dev team on all the cool features in 11.5. Lightwave Rocks!!!

However, we're still missing a few things to be able to use the 3dConnexion puck easily.

1. In layout, no matter if you want the object to go up when you move the puck, or go down ... there will come a time (you're in a different mode) when you want it to do the opposite.

Changing the scale to a negative value (or removing the minus sign if already there) will accomplish that.

But - that's 6 dialog boxes in which to add or remove a minus sign.

Please add an optional hotkey that will automatically do this.

No changes to how Lightwave works. Just an optional hotkey to add or remove the minus sign from each of the 6 scales.

2. In Modeler, if I want to move an object towards me, I should be able to move the puck towards me (actually, just apply a small amount of pressure, the puck doesn't move).

To accomplish that now, I have to move the puck upwards - and even then, it's very, very hard to intelligently control the object with the puck.

If I attempt to do the same thing in 3ds Max or 3d-Coat, it moves towards me when I move the puck towards me - it is effortless to control the object - and both act identically.

The whole point of the 3dConnexion is to be able to use the same identical motions in all of your apps.

When Lightwave acts very differently (like in modeler where one often wants to quickly flip the model around in 3d space), this makes Lightwave much harder to use.

Layout does not have this problem, it's basically setup correctly.

Again, bravo on all the cool new features and the expanded Nav Layout dialog!!