View Full Version : R2D2: Slight Site Update

11-04-2003, 03:09 PM
Tossed this up pretty quick on my site, since the model was done:


...and a quick rig / texture test:


The stills were rendered with a colored area light with separate spec, fill and bounce lights. No plugins were used on any surfaces (after the radiosity bake for the dirt maps on the Atlas UV).

100% Lightwave.


11-04-2003, 03:13 PM
Really nice model, wouldn't know any different if it was the real R2-D2.

I like the X-ray viewer, how did you get that effect?

11-18-2003, 06:51 PM
Thanks for the kind words. :)

I use a javascript thing that a friend of mine refined off from someone else's site. I think they 'borrowed' it too...

Feel free to use it for your own stuff. I find it a really useful and fun thing to show clients, etc. Under Netscape, you get a cool gradient, glass-like .png eyepiece when you use it.

11-20-2003, 04:29 AM
cool object, cool effect-
i like it!:)

CMP 2003
12-10-2003, 02:32 PM
I dont understand how to use the java script, i tried i must not be labeling the pics right or i just ignorant about html and such, is there any help?

12-13-2003, 09:44 PM
nice, I did an r2 once, It was pretty fun.


12-17-2003, 10:11 AM
...but when I read the title for this thread I half expected a version of R2D2 covered in fur. And animated. Meret Oppenhiem would be proud. But besides that, it would be funny as hell.

But thats my opinion.

Very good model, by the way.