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11-04-2003, 01:48 PM
we've just given screamernet another attempt, the first time we tried it ages ago, we ended up with every few frame being black and some just not matching up quite with others etc.

well this time round, we have every frame, however something VERY weird is happening- it seems to be rendering just the image world refelection map (i think!) and none of the polygons, though if you look at the node it SAYS it's rendering the polygons.

i know this is the kind of question that's very hard to slove without sitting infront of the computer yourself, but i thought I'd give it a go in case it's something obvious that someone else has experienced b4.

thanks, anna

11-04-2003, 05:59 PM
You need to make sure that your objects are loaded into Lightwave from a network drive, not the local drive. For instance, I have my C:\ Lightwave directory mapped as Z:\ Lightwave. The Z:\ drive is visible to all of the render machines while the C:\ drive is not. If you load objects from the local drive and save the scene file and try to render it, the render nodes will try to call the objects from their local C:\ drives - and they will not find the objects.
I leave my Content directory set to Z:\Lightwave so that it defaults to loading all my objects and images from a network-ready source.