View Full Version : Looking for a 3play Technician with a 3play 330 or 445

01-26-2013, 07:44 PM
Good afternoon, Newtek users. I am a huge trickster user, I have a ( discontinued Broadcaster) Tricaster TCXD3000 and my partner owns a trickster 450, We are planning to shoot a 4 day basketball tournament for the Kansas State High School Tournament. I am in dyer need of a replay technician with a 3play machine. Like most of us, I have my own trailer and Im on a limited budget, so I can't afford the 3play just yet. But I am looking for someone that wants a 5 day trip to Kansas City and topeka Kansas. I don't have a huge budget but I can fly you to kansas city and put you up for those days in a Hotel. (no motel 6 unless you desire it) and I can put roughly to 4 to 500 dollars in your pocket. and we can negotiate this. I need some help, and even with me having a trailer, we can possibly trade services if you are open for it. Can someone tell me how to hook up with someone that would be interested in this. And if you don't have a 3 play, maybe I can rent one from someone on hear and hire you also. Help please (any solutions)??? Dates are March 5,6,7,8,9, Fly out on 10th