View Full Version : Crude sculpting option directly in Layout!

01-20-2013, 05:47 PM
Erikals has posted a showcase of the weight paint plugin 3dcel weight paint..

I wanted to expand on that you can use this for a crude sculpting which lifts your polys up directly in layout, you have to set a gradient based on y-pivot point, then put the weight map
gradient as alpha on top of that, once that is done you should be able to paint with the weight paint tool and see direct results of the crude sculpting..while your using the brush.

since the weight paint tool hasnīt got any strenght settings, only size and value (equal to radius and value in modeler) You will not get any smooth lifting...also you can not turn of the grid guides
which obstructs the view.

Check the attached image for how I set it up.

Now of course I so wish for having the sculpt tool showcased in core (some time ago:)), donīt know when that happens though.
In Scene context sculpting in relation to other stuff in a scene would help alot for some stuff, ergo... z-brush or sculpting in modeler isnīt helpful.