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01-18-2013, 10:04 PM
I often use the Divide function where I create a point mid-way between two terminating vertices of an edge. Often times I would prefer that the new point to be, say, 60% along the way between the first selected and second selected vertex. It would be really nice if there were a field that would let me choose how far down the edge to place my new point. This field could be 50% by default for the default behavior of this function. But if I modify it to 10% then the new point would appear only 10% along the way between the vertices of the polygon edge. The problem is for edges that are slanted relative to the axes. If I create a point along an edge then move it with the 't' command, the line will invariably move away from what was a straight line and will not be "in line" any more. Another way of doing this might be to slide a point along an edge. But this might be a problem because a point is not along an edge but is the joining place where two edges meet.

Another useful field for the Divide function would be to create one or more points evenly spaced between the ends of an edge. Here an integer field would default to 1. But if you change it to 3 then three new points will be created along the line. It may be difficult to create a menu that will accommodate both of these functions. You might make the percent field described above disabled if you change the integer field to a value greater than 1.

Because the Divide function presently has immediate effect, it takes no parameters. But if you added these parameters, then you would need a menu to pop up so that you could edit the parameters. The operation would not happen until you press an Apply button as in the Stretch operation that I often use.

The Divide operation also works with polygons of 4 sides when in Polygon Mode. Here you could use the same parameters to 1) decide where the poly would be divided and 2) how many polygons to divide each into.

These functions I would use often if they were in Modeler.

01-21-2013, 03:49 PM

Click, move mouse, edge is split.

Click, move mouse, polygon is split.