View Full Version : Enhanced Stereocopic settings

Mr. Wilde
01-17-2013, 06:07 AM

it would be great if, in addition to 'eye separation', one could set

the maximum positive parallax (millimeters, pixels, or percentage)
the actual screen width
the viewer's distance to the screen

as these are very important variables for stereoscopic composition.

There's also a bunch of literature on recommended the comfort zone and depth budget, which could be translated into helpful gizmos in the Layout's 3D views that show the maximum and minimum distances for the objects inside the scene at a given parallax setting.

Another great feature would be to make the 3D view work with NVidia 3D Vision. NVidia already supports stereoscopic 3D in windowed applications, and it would be a great help to see the 3D properly with shutter glasses instead of anaglyph.