View Full Version : NewTek iVGA PRO Now Available for Free Download

01-16-2013, 09:03 AM
Now available for free download, iVGA PRO is the latest version of NewTek’s client software for sending the display from a Microsoft® Windows® computer to TriCaster across the local network to serve as a live video source.

What’s New
iVGA PRO delivers a new level of capability, performance and convenience when using an external computer system as a TriCaster network source. Enhancements include the ability to:

• Send both video and audio from an external computer source across the network to TriCaster
• Select any TriCaster on the network, and any available network input on that TriCaster, as the destination
• Record video and audio from an external computer source in QuickTime®, MPEG-2 or AVI formats
• Freely choose the area to transmit or capture, including the full screen display of any connected monitor, a selected region of the display, an application window, any child window or a video input device (such as a webcam)
• Select and transmit sound from available audio inputs and system audio devices over the network to TriCaster
• Generate a custom privacy screen for display when performing tasks not intended for live output

NewTek iVGA PRO client software is intended for use with TriCaster XD systems and computers running 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. For TriCaster SD systems and other versions of Windows, the original NewTek iVGA client software is recommended.

How to Download
To download iVGA PRO, visit the My Downloads section of your personal registration page at http://register.newtek.com.